How to book?

ale To find out what kind of accommodation is available, please contact us using the Accommodation request form.

ale As soon as we receive your application, we will send you a detailed proposition of available accommodation, along with instructions on how to reserve. This service is free without commitment.

ale The reservation will be confirmed when a contract has been signed.


Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Object:
Any temporary furnished flat rental agreement is reserved for the exclusive usage of the immovable property indicated in the contract signed by the tenant and the owner who is letting his furnished apartment. This contract fixes the modalities of rent, the dates of stay, prices and general conditions.

Article 2 - Duration of the stay:
The tenant signer of the contract concluded for a definite duration can't take advantage in any event to stay in the accommodation after the contracted conclusion of the stay.

Article 3 - Conclusion of the contract:
The booking becomes actual as soon as the customer has sent a deposit to LMP, the amount of which is clarified in the proposition of flat and a copy of the contract signed before the date indicated on that same contract. The balance of the rent is to be paid before the 5th of the month for the rentals longer than one month or upon arrival for the rents of less than one month.

Article 4 - Cancellation by the tenant:
Any cancellation must be notified by mail letter sent to the owner.

Cancellation before the arrival: if the cancellation intervenes before the beginning of the stay, the deposit remains acquired to the owner and the tenant does not pay the balance of the stay.

Shortened stay: the advance notice in case of early departure is of 1 month. If the stay is shortened, the price of the rent remains acquired to the owner within the limits of the current month and of the next month. There will be no refunded.

Article 5 - Cancellation by the owner:
If the owner have unfortunatly to cancel the booking for any reason, he informs the tenant by mail letter. The owner will have to suggest an another equivalent accommodtion if he can. It the relocation is not possible or accepted, the customer will be reimbursed the paid deposit. He will receive besides a reparation equivalent of the payed deposit. It will be not possible to ask more money or more reparation for any reason, This condition is a part of the contract to accept.

Article 6 - Arrival:
The tenant has to show up on the fixed day and at the hours mentioned on the present contract. In case of late or deferred arrival, the tenant has to warn the agency or the owner and obtain the confirmation of the new conditions of arrival.

Article 7 - The payment of the balance:
The balance is to be settled upon the arrival at the owner's apartment as indicated on the contract. The consumptions and services not mentioned in the contract will be settled at the end of stay for the stays shorter than a month or every month for the stays longer than one month.

Article 8 - Inventory in the accommodation:
An inventory of furnitures is established in common by the owner and the tenant at the start and the end of the rental. This inventory of fixtures constitutes the only reference in case of dispute concerning the inventory. It is up to the tenant to indicate reserves if he notices an anomaly upon arrival or 48 hours after the start of the rental period. If the inventory is not made or reserves expressed by the tenant, the inventory is considered as "a state of use" without any degradation nor broken objects. 

Article 9 - Maintenance:
The cleaning of the flat is the responsibility of the tenant for the period of hiring and before its departure unless otherwise specified. Protects mattress, covers and covers beds are provided without supplement. Cloths are provided on request, as a paying option.

Article 10 - Rents and deposit:
The amounts of the rent including all taxes, filing expenses and deposits are indicated in the leasing agreement. As of his arrival, with the handing-over of the keys, the tenant will pay the equivalent of 1 month of rent, by way of deposit, to answer of the damage which could be caused with furniture or others furnishing the rented places. Any, deteriorated, broken lost object or damaged will have to be replaced or refunded to the owner with his value of replacement by the tenant. This deposit, nonproductive of interests, will cannot be regarded as the payment of part of the rent. The expenses not included in the contract must be paid by the tenant.

Article 11 - Insurances:
The tenant must be insured to a manifestly known insurance company against the risks of civil liability, theft, or fire and of water damages, as well for his tenant's risks as for the furniture provided.

Article 12 - Place of the tribunal in case of trial:
In case of trial, the place of the tribunal is Chambéry. The law is the French Law.

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